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Now you don't need wires hanging around and messing up because the best retractable Aux cable is small in size and easy to carry anywhere, everywhere. It can be directly connected to your car audio system, home sound system, and several other devices.

Playing your music and several audio files has become convenient, we are offering the best retractable aux cable that is handy. If you want to listen to your tracks in any place, the 3.5mm retractable aux cable can fit comfortably in your pocket, and you are on the go with ease. Because of its retractable attribute, it can slide back easily.

It is the best solution for your car as well. The retractable aux cable for the car can be connected to your audio stereo system, and you do not worry if any call comes up. Because it also has an Aux-in cable, and you can talk and listen to the caller through speakers.

The plugs are gold plated and do not wear off quickly. There are two types of jack connectors straight and right-angled (L shaped) available. Both engineered keeping in view your ease of use and suitability.

Salient Features

  • The 3.5mm retractable Aux cable has several salient features that include
  • It has 3.5mm retractable Aux cable, male to male audio cord for smartphones, tablets, computers, car audio systems and where 3.5mm jack can be used.
  • It is the best retractable Aux cable for cars to the plug-in headphone jack of the car stereo system.
  • The retracted size of the audio cable is 5 inches and can be extended up to 32.5 inches.
  • The retractable stereo audio cable allows you to talk through car speakers via Aux and mic used is from a smartphone device.
  • The plug and play feature enables Aux in your car, so relax and listen to the tracks of your liking.
  • It can be used at home to connect to your sound system or home theatre and can be connected with your mobile phone.
  • It can also be plugged with your computer and mini speaker.
  • It is also compatible with theatre receiver, amplifiers, DVD players, portable MP3 devices, multimedia players, projectors, and all devices with 3.5mm jack present.

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