Stylus Pen


Stylus Pens for Mobile Phones

   Stylus pens for cell phone used for writing or drawing on the touch screen are one of the technological applications that enter the users' lives with the increase in the use of smartphones. These products have many uses depending on their purpose and function. Those who draw by drawing or taking notes as part of their life know the value of the pen well. Until recently, touch screens and pens could not offer the reality and precision offered by the physical paper-pen. But today, with the rapid development of technology, stylus pens have been developed, which gives a very sensitive, real pencil feeling. Especially for someone who likes to draw, the pencil is much stronger than a finger. Combined with the possibilities offered by tablets and computers, the value of stylus pens increases even more. In addition to artistic use, stylus pens are produced according to the needs for note taking and general use. For this reason, universal stylus pens meet the needs according to the device and touch screen.

What’s your purpose of use?

   In order to choose between stylus items, the price range of which varies according to usage areas, it is important what the pen is mainly used for. Pixel-based stylus pens have the ability to create interactions in very small areas. Especially for the engineers, architects, interior designers, stylists and graphic designers, the pens allow you to easily draw in very fine details, regardless of the image on the screen. In addition to drawing, various activities such as playing on the visual, copying, cutting and moving can be done.

It is sometimes difficult for the user to type on the keyboard on the screen due to physical incompatibilities. Stylus pens are produced so that they can perform all kinds of operations on touch screens. Passive stylus, which minimizes errors that may occur during communication and sharing on social media, works within the pixel range with the touch screen and thus defines the workspace down to the finest details. The active stylus pen is compatible with capacitive screen technology and the process takes place using two different variations of the electric field, without the need for pressure generated by contact.

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