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Stands & Holders

The biggest problem of using a smartphone that sometimes we do not know where to put our phones while we are watching Youtube, Music Videos, Movies, making long video calls or spending active time in the vehicle. It is definetley not comfortable holding a phone in your palm for a long time while watching something. In this category, you will meet totally creative solutions for this kind of uses. The highly functional cell phone stands are very popular with their stylish designs as well as the extra features they carry.

For example portable fold-up stands are one of the favorite cell phone stand for desk because it has a very steady and firm structure, portable design and it is easy to carry. You can even pick a color that reflects you!

  • Are you looking for a cute cell phone holder?
  • Did you see our model which is called Flexible Spider Phone Holder Stand?

It is a great stand not just for your phone but virtually any object you can fit on it. The stand is highly flexible and can be shaped into any position you can imagine; you can even use two or more of the legs to hang the stand from your rear view mirror or other object making comfortable viewing super easy in any situation. There is also a built-in hole where you can slide an iPhone charger through so you can charge your phone while watching videos or viewing pictures. If you are looking for a phone stand for bed, we guarantee you that product is what you need. Or you can go with more simple product, like Double Sided Suction Holder. Thanks to the vacuums on it, it works great between cell phone case and  glass, desktop, fridge and other flat surfaces.

To see more unique cell phone stands, check Uzid's extensive online product catalog. We have many cheap cell phone stands that will meet your needs. Order now a chic product that you will never leave from your cell phone!