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Memory Cards for Mobile Phones

Increasing use of mobile phones, tablets, and then drone and action camera devices has led to the need for smaller cards. The miniSD / SDHC cards announced in 2003 were able to offer up to 4GB capacity. However, since microSD cards began to become widespread in the same period, miniSD cards were replaced by microSD cards in a short time.

The microSD card, which is the most suitable solution for use with smartphones and new generation devices, which are expected to become smaller and lighter; In addition to being the smallest size memory card available, it has become the most used type of card. In order to get the most accurate memory card in line with your needs, it is useful to know the technical features and types of mermory cards.

There are three basic card types in the SD Card for Cell Phones & other electronical devices:

  • microSD cards have a capacity of up to 2GB and can be used with any microSD slot.
  • microSDHC(High Capacity) cards have a capacity of more than 2GB and can hold up to 32GB. It can be used with SDHC or SDXC supported hardware.
  • microSDXC (Extended Capacity) cards have capacities between 32GB and 2TB (but the largest card is 512GB today) and can only be used on SDXC-capable devices.

Besides their capacities, the speed of reading and writing is also very important buying a microSD card for your device. Write speed refers to data that can be written to disk in one second. The higher this value, the faster the device with the card is installed. For example, if you take a high resolution photo, if your memory card's writing speed is slow, you may need to wait 3-4 seconds for the writing to finish. Other than that, read speed is as important as writing speed. Expresses the speed of reading information from the card. If you need to transfer information on the card quickly, reading speed becomes important. Uzid offers you the fastest SD Cards for Android Phones from the most well-known brands in the market.

Another determinant will be the budget you want to check for the memory card. Considering the different memory card brands and models, for example, you may want to buy a 64 GB memory card at the cheapest prices. The types of memory card for Android phones that you can examine through our category are also preferred by many users. So see now cell phone memory cards for sale on Uzid and let them to come to your door with the fast delivery advantage.