Car Mounts – magnetic-holders


We all love having ease of use. No matter whatever we are dealing with, daily life processes when we are supported with technology to ease them up, make everything fun. The same is with our cell phones and driving necessities. No wonder why we humans have come up with a range of products that assist our driving and mobile usage simultaneously. There are many mounting types of equipment to hold our phones in place over our dashboards, windshields, air vents, or even CD players. This makes using phones quite easy while driving.


Having a magnetic car mount phone holder will further ease up the task of mounting the phone without any additional steps. You will have to mount the holder over any place you want in your car, and next attach your device simply by bringing it near the magnetic car mount for smartphones. To fix them over car parts like air vents, you will just have to insert it over the blade of the air vents. And tighten the nut. That’s it! No excessive steps of installing the magnetic car mount phone holder in your car.


These car mounts are fully customizable and adjustable according to your positions. You will securely and reliably attach your phones to the holders and use them as you drive. The strong magnets are built in 4 pieces that don’t let your phone fall in any condition. The worry-free attachment will let you listen to music, navigate through maps, or have phone calls easily while being hands-free and driving simultaneously. The sturdy and durable rubber lets you use it for long and can bear the wear and tear. But keep note that if your phone has a think cover, then the magnetic strength might not be that effective while connecting your phone with the magnetic dashboard phone holder you have mounted in the car. 


Some of the features of the best magnetic car mounts for the iPhone are as under:

  • They can fit with an air vent steadily. 
  • Strong magnets built-in four pieces that don’t ever let your phone fall done.
  • It does not affect your view because of the compact design it has.
  • Takes very little space in your car
  • The sturdy and durable plastic keep the device in place even on rough roads
  • There are two magnetic plates, one of which can be used on the phone directly or on the phone cover. 


When are you making your driving easy by having these magnetic car mount holders?