Car Mounts – charging-holders



Having a phone with us while we got out on a drive or for our daily tasks is a must. But a phone is of no use without a charger, and the most soar situations are when your phone runs out of power while you left your charger at home. Or when you have the charger but it can be used in the car. Sometimes your phone and your charger are with you out on the road, but you have to put it away at a certain position to get it charged. But that can be problematic when you need your phone continuously while driving and cannot put it away. You might be using google maps to know how to reach a certain place. Or you could be listening to songs while you drive. All these actions require you to keep your phone in your sight at all times. Even when charging, you need to see the phone while driving for some reason.

A car mount holder for DC lighter socket can help you through this situation of awkward phone placing. You can get cigarette lighter mobile phone mounts to be used in your cars to support phone charging while keeping it insight and access. These mounts fix in their position quite firmly and also support your phone on any kind of ride without slips or losing grip. The neck of the charging holders is flexible and can be adjusted as per your viewing position. The holder can rotate at an angle of 180 degrees in both directions for you to have a portrait or a landscape view. It also comes with a micro-USB cable to let you charge it while placed on the holder. You will have to get your full-length cable if you want to charge your phone out of the holder.

The cigarette lighter phone holder with USB charging allows you to charge your phone on the go while having it in your access for use. You can charge your iPhone over this charging holder, and any model would do. The charging input is 12V-24V, while the output is 5V-1.5A. This DC Socket USB Car Charging Port & Cigarette lighter comes with an option also to light up your cigarettes. Now is the perfect time to forget your chargers at home and let Car Mount Holder for DC Lighter Socket do the service for you! When are you getting your car charging holder now?