Car Mounts – airvent-holders

Air vent Holders:


Are you tired of having to choose one safe place while being on a drivers’ seat that will keep your phone accessible and safe? The problem can be real agitating because cell phones are our necessity. Many people have suffered phones going stuck because of extra sunbeams falling over them when placed on the dashboard. Some people put them in pockets or on the adjacent seat, which makes it just impossible to access them while driving. It would help if you had something that does not ruin your view, doesn’t take your phone out of reach, and also protects your phone from excessive sun exposure. Well, worry no more. Our car Air Vent Mobile Phone Holder will save you from all the trouble of having access to your mobile phone. These Cell phone holders for car vent can fit on CD openings, windshields, dash, and also air vents. You can make your driving and having instructions of google maps for your destinations be easier to get through cell phone air vent car mounts placed on your car vents. 


The body of cell phone air vent car mounts is made to fit on the air vents and not fall off perfectly. The clamps are strong and also allow you to rotate your phone a full 360-degree to be able to adjust the angle for your viewing. You can be using your phone while driving to call someone, to hear music, or just navigating through maps to reach desired locations. Air-vent smartphone holders support all of these actions. You need not go through lost of steps to mount your phone over the holder. You only need to press a quick-release button, which will allow you to fix your phone easily and in no time. Any model of phone or device equal to the size of the phone can be mounted over the phone holders. Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder for Air Vent also have magnetic attachments that need not even have you to press the quick-release buttons as well. 


Mobile air vent holders in summarization have the following features:


  • An ability to do 360-degree rotating of your phone to make usability better
  • Lightweight and doesn’t pressurize the air vents, around 4 ounces
  • A quick-release button ability for faster mounting
  • Allows you to have a 4-6 inched GPS navigation 
  • Has a shockproof structure and built of premium plastic


Now is the time to make your driving easier and let your phone be always in your sight to use it even while driving in safety measures. Got your Car Air Vent Mobile Phone Holder right away and forget having to think of a place to put your mobile phone while driving now!