1900mAh Power Bank Backup Battery Portable Charger - Fonus C33

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  • Compact size convenient for storage and travel. Quickly and efficiently charges cell phone battery.
  • 1900mAh high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Recharge Backup battery with your existing phone charger.
  • Pass-through charging allows the Backup Battery and phone to charge simultaneously.
  • Battery Type: Lithium-polymer battery. Dimension: 67x62x15mm (2.64x244x0.59 inch).
  • Input: DC5.0V, 500mA. Output: DC5.0v, 800mA.Charge time: around 2-4 hours. Weight: 58G (2.05OZ).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a thick case on your phone blocking the sides of the charging plug you need to use this without case.

Product Description

Backup Battery Pack (1900mAh). The backup battery is a perfect solution for re-charging your ipod/iphone no matter where you are. Simply charge the battery 2-4 hours before your mission and carry it on to the depths of your travels. When your iphone/ipod becomes low on its life supply, plug the backup battery into your USB port, get it charged and get extreme. It doesn't get any simpler to then charge-execute-success, with this 1900mAh Lithium-polymer backup battery. Charging the battery is simple, there is a port for charging at the base so you can use the charger or usb cable that came with your device. When you need to charge your device, just plug the male plug into your device. This convenient rechargeable battery pack is very compact in size, it's small enough to keep connected to your device while in use and the LED power indicator lets you know just how much battery power is left and when it's fully charged!