Car Mounts and Accessories – headrest-holders


While driving, we love being with our family members. But they all need entertainment in long drives that might get boring otherwise. Or having a long drive out with friends will need you to have some other mode of having fun other than staring out of the window at some point in the journey. Many times, we use our phones, but holding it in hand doesn't allow the rest of the people to have a full clear view. In such a case, we need a way to mount the phone or tablet at a straight angle that is reachable for all. And sometimes, we have little kids on the back seats who need some distraction while waiting outside the doctor's office for one's appointment. Well, in all these cases, headrest holders are to the rescue. 


These car tablet headrest mounts can fit your bulky tablets even if they are in a casing. Your back-seat passengers can enjoy a fun ride and even play games while your tablet is mounted on the headrest mounts. You can turn your normal tablets into an instant back-seat entertainment system. The specific car headrest mount holder for iPad Pro can fit these iPads in them securely. The mounting arms help you easily and quickly adjust your iPad to have optimal viewing positions and angles. These universal car headrest mounts also have on, off, sleep, wake control buttons, volume controls, and also a dock connector. You can fix devices having dimensions from 5" to 8" wide and a 0.5" deep, which go great with flat-panel devices like eBook readers, small LCD screens, and others.


Following are the summarized features of headrest mount for tablet or LCD screens:

  • Easily attaches to almost any headrests without any need of installation 
  • The adjustable clamps fit any car model
  • Allows you to tilt the screen in any direction for a vertical and horizontal viewing 
  • Adjustable fitting sizes to let tablets of many sizes fix into the mount
  • Lightweight headrest mounts 


These features make this headrest mounts a necessity of almost any drive owner these days. You need to have your passengers entertained mainly when you are an uber driver or a parent of little toddlers. You need to have a way to have fun even on the road when you can't stick to little mobile screens or can't carry a laptop around for better viewing. When are you going to turn your back seat into an in-car entertainment system?